Get Ready for IELTS Speaking 
With a native speaker from England

Are you about to take the IELTS speaking part?


Do you want to practise before the big day?


I offer a simulation of the IELTS speaking test on Zoom and Skype. The simulation lesson takes around 60 minutes and is broken down like this.


Part 1: Talking about your own IELTS preparation

Part 2: Looking at part one, two, and three and working on your answers and mistakes in each part

Part 3: The full test without interruption



IELTS Speaking practise on Skype & Zoom


Exam Practise Test


The best way to build your confidence in speaking is to practise, practise, and practise.


I understand you might not have someone to practise with, but I can help. I offer lessons which are designed to get you speaking as much as possible on topics that are likely to come up in the IELTS speking test.


It is best to take these lessons in the buid up to your exam or a couple of weeks before your exam, ideally doing 1 lesson a day before your speaking test to make you feel comfortable and confident when speaking. 


Each lesson is 60 minutes long and each lesson is a different topic.


Hope to speak to soon  

IELTS Speaking practise on Skype & Zoom



Price £20

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5 x 60 mins Price £115

10 x 60 mins Price £220

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Who are you?

I am a CELTA qualified teacher with over 10 years full-time classroom experience and 5 years online teaching expirence. I am from England, I'm a fan of football, and I CAN improve your speaking skills and make you feel more confident 

How does it work?


2. I'll send you an email within 12 hours

3. We agree a time and day

4. I send you a Zoom link or we connect to Skype

5. We start,,,

6. I send you some post lesson feedback and vocabulary on the topic that we've just talked abiut 

15 x 60 mins Price £300